Jae Hwan Lim | 임재환

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA | Master of Fine Arts | Expected graduation 2020

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Chicago, IL | Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio | 2017

Seoul National University International Summer Institute, Seoul, South Korea | Department of Political Science and International Relations | 2016

Based in Los Angeles, CA

Jae Hwan Lim is a politically driven artist-activist focusing on human rights and the struggles for democracy in South and North Korea. Creating installations, performances, and social practices that illuminate violence in society and politics, Lim is currently a Master of Fine Arts degree candidate in Interdisciplinary Studio at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Lim is the founder and director of Humans in North Korea (HNK), an organization that advocates for North Korean defectors in the United States and for global citizenship. He has served as a Delegate of the Northwestern University Conference for Human Rights and was an Art-Uni-On artist, a fellowship sponsored by Hyundai Motors and Seoul National University. He has exhibited in a forum for an International NGO, Global Network for Rights and Development in Stavanger, Norway; Total Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea; Mana Contemporary in Chicago, IL; University of Chicago Center for East Asian Studies in Chicago, IL; UCLA Kerckhoff Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA; and University of Helsinki, Finland. Lim and his art has been featured in The Korea Times and Korea Daily.

임재환 작가는 대한민국과 북한에서 민주주의적 자유를 제한하고 드러나지 않은 인권 폭력과 관료주의를 비판하는 행동주의 예술가다. 그는 현재 캘리포니아대학교 로스엔젤로스 캠퍼스 (UCLA) 에서 석사과정을 수료중이며, 설치와 퍼포먼스, 상호 지향적 예술 (social practice)을 통해 사회와 정치에서 일어나는 사건들을 작품에 담아낸다.

그는 미주 탈북자의 정착을 돕고 세계 시민권을 지지하는 단체인 Humans in North Korea (HNK)의 창립자이자 현 책임자다. 그는 미국 노스웨스턴 대학교 인권 학회 대표를 위임했고 현대자동차와 서울대학교에서 주최하는 Art-Uni-On Fellowship 작가로 활동했다. 국제 비정부 회의기구인 노르웨이 스트라방게르 인권 포럼 Global Network For Rights And Development (GNRD), 서울 토탈 미술관, 미국 시카고 Mana Contemporary, 시카고 대학교 동아시아 연구관, 미국 로스엔젤로스 UCLA Kerckhoff Gallery, 그리고 핀란드 헬싱키 대학교에서 전시했으며 한국일보와 중앙일보를 포함한 국내외 언론에 작가의 작품이 보도되었다.