Koreaoke (2017), Interactive mixed media installation, Excerpt from 50 minute video

*Songs for Koreaoke (2017) were chosen from one of the top 5 Korean music, on the day of specific sociopolitical events during the presidency of Park Geun-hye (2012-2017)

Order of Incident/Music:

  1. Dec 19th, 2012: Presidential Election Rigging Scandal—1,2,3,4 by Lee Hi 이하이
  2. Apr 16th, 2014: Sewol Incident—Wild Flower 야생화 by Park Hyo-shin 박효신
  3. Dec 19th, 2014: Dissolution of United Progressive Party—Up&Down 위아래 by EXID
  4. May 20th, 2015: Outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome—Eat 꺼내 먹어요 by Zion. T 자이언티
  5. Nov 14th, 2015: Anti-Government Protest & Police Brutality—I (feat.버벌진트 Verbal Jint) by Taeyeon 태연
  6. Dec 28th, 2015: Japan-South Korea Comfort Women Agreement—A Little Girl 소녀 by Oh Hyuk 오혁
  7. Feb 10th, 2016: Shutdown of Kaesung Industrial Region—Rough 시간을 달려서 by GFriend 여자친구
  8. July 8th, 2016: U.S.-South Korea THAAD Missile Deploy Agreement—CHEER UP by TWICE 트와이스
  9. July 26th, 2016: Park Geun-hye & Choi Soon-sil Corruption Scandal—Why So Lonely by Wonder Girls 원더걸스
  10. Nov 4th 2016: Korean History Textbook Controversy—Very Very Very 너무너무너무 by I.O.I 아이오아이
  11. Dec 9th, 2016: Parliamentary Impeachment of President Park—TT by TWICE 트와이스
  12. Dec 26th, 2016: Artist Blacklist—FXXK IT 에라 모르겠다 by BIGBANG 빅뱅
  13. Feb 17th, 2017: Arrestment of Samsung Heir Lee Jae-yong—Yesterday by BLOCK B 블락비

On the day of the Koreaoke exhibition opening, the impeachment was upheld by the Constitutional Court via a unanimous 8–0 ruling on 10 March 2017, thereby removing Park from office